Mooga is a Consumer Analytics Framework which enables highly Personalized user experiences on an N=1 basis. Using hybrid Artificial Intelligence techniques, it is a completely flexible web-based solution that can be customized to the needs of any business.

Mooga uses machine-learning techniques along with business rules, hence it can adapt to any situation where personalization is the key. Our unique approach to solve the much prevalent problems of Content Discovery, Long Tail content Monetization, treating individual customers according to their personal tastes/behaviors, Customer Churn and highly targeted Campaigns makes Mooga a perfect cog in the wheel of currently evolving consumer-centric businesses.

The beauty of Mooga, is that it is product independent and store-front agnostic. This enables Mooga to be a central brain that can power multiple LOBs of any business where, irrespective of the type of product consumed or the access interface, every customer can be rendered a holistic and 360 degree Personalized experience. The Analytics services of Mooga is helping various industries such as Telecom, Internet, Media & Entertainment in areas such as Personalized Recommendations, Content Discovery, Intelligent Campaign Management, Churn Management and Predictive Analytics.

Mooga acts as a middleware and can be integrated with any operational system using APIs or web services.